WordPress or Wix?

We’re here!

|Trace Digital.| has now officially made the online website builder platform switch from Wix to WordPress. This means that our online brand’s website had to be rebuilt in good ‘ol WordPress–right here, where you’re reading this blog post.

Many clients ask us which online website builder platform is ‘better’. While this is a loaded question, let’s take a moment to discuss why we made our switch, and to also lightly compare/highlight the pros & cons of both Wix & WordPress as far as digitally marketing your brand, products/services, & business is concerned.

SEO and streamlining our company’s online experience was the main reason why |Trace Digital.| made the switch from Wix to WordPress. WordPress’s existence was founded on the principle of blogging. Blogging is information. Google is a technology company that specializes in internet-related services & products which include online advertising technologies, a search engine, and more.

Because of Google’s notoriety combined with its ability to “walk the walk” (back up the notoriety claims), it only made sense to cut through a middle-man (in this case, Wix) and use an online website builder platform naturally designed to allow content to almost instantly become Google-able–thus, in turn, making it more clickable, searchable, and rank-able in order to align with potential leads and new clients seeking our product/services. As a business owner, Google Workspace and Google Business are frequently used technical products for business support. Utilizing WordPress only makes the integration of all these features easy & a plus!

|Trace Digital.| would advise any client deciding to use WordPress as their online website host/builder/platform to blog. Your blog posts, as part of your overall website, maximizes the reach of linkage for anyone on the World Wide Web to see.

Where attention flows, the money does, also! Cha-Ching!

Now we’ll share with you our opinions about which platform (Wix or WordPress) ‘wins’ when it comes to other user-worthy categories:


Ease of use/Beginner Friendly: Wix

Better for E-Commerce: Wix

Design templates: WordPress

Customization abilities: WordPress (won this category just by a hair) — If you can code, the customization abilities of WordPress are pretty much endless.

All in all, we hope that this post serves as the spark that gets the brain juices flowing for all–those involved in technology, techie nerds, potential online website platform newbies (and oldies), as well as business owners.

ALWAYS keep your business needs and goals in mind when it comes to making crucial decisions about your brand’s online presence. Not sure what path you should take? Book us for a ‘strategy (consultation) call’ TODAY! Email us @ tracedigitalonline@gmail.com.

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